Aerocentro Corp skill ful and professional sales team offers an exclusive listing program that provides the most efficient method to market and sell your aircraft.

Our process includes:

  • Analysis of current marketplace for your specific aircraft.
  • Professional profile.
  • Exposure through exclusive multiple listing services, websites, direct marketing plans, and capital from over 35 years experience in the market.
  • Profit from our most accurate selling price due to a hard marketing research
  • Time frame tailored to your needs.
  • Coordination to display and promote your aircrafts to potential buyers.
  • Constant updates during the entire process.
  • Our team expertise will negotiate all transaction details with the buyer, coordinate and supervise the pre-purchase inspection, prepare the purchase agreement and complete all documentation required by the FAA until closing and delivery of the aircraft.
  • It is our commitment to provide the best costumer experience and unconditional support throughout the entire sales process and after your aircraft is sold.